Jahangir Ali

Jahangir Ali

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First Name * Jahangir
Last Name * Ali
Username * jali
Country * United Kingdom
City Birmingham
Nationality British
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


Like many a person I have worked in many a place , from Offices to Retail, factories and even a garage, for me those jobs were a way for me to keep myself above water financially speaking,
Working in the games industry is more then just a passion of mine, I don’t one to be that person who works in a dead end job watching his life fleet away before his very eyes, It’s not even about the money that can be maid working In the games industry, but rather doing something I love and something that makes me happy, There is no price on happiness, and like that old saying goes :

“ If you do something you love you never have to work a day in you’re life”

I’m a firm believer in that, I whole heartedly believe someone who loves what they’re doing will work with that much more vigour and conviction, and create much better assets,

Through out my working and academic life I have maintained the highest performance standards within a diverse range of roles, By working with a tremendous amount of vigour and showing the up most conviction for what I do no matter what the job requires.
Further skills I offer include the following:

relevant experience in most areas of digital media such as 2d traditional animation, stop motion, 3d modelling, Demonstrated a capacity to developed and maintain comprehensive technical processes in New software,

Currently I am seeking association with a company that can benefit from my expertise and flexibility as an exceptional individual with excellent organizational and communication skills
An outstanding work ethic and the ability to work equally well in both team oriented and self directed environments.

willing to undertake any training that may help in my development